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Recent Auditions
New Line Theatre
  Audition Type: Musical Theatre
  Role Type: Lead
  Level: Emerging Professional

BarnArts Center for the Arts
  Audition Type: Musical Theatre
  Role Type: Lead
  Level: Emerging Professional

American Stage Theatre Company
  Audition Type: Musical Theatre
  Role Type: Acting Intern
  Level: Emerging Professional

  • Auditions Plus, A Great Singing Venue for You — Part I
    (March 2, 2015 at 7:17 pm)

    By Mark Stoddard, author of Marketing Singers, a business and marketing guidebook written specifically for singers.   Singers find themselves in the precarious position of waiting–waiting to see if they get the role, the gig, the opportunity–wondering if they should be doing something else and if that something else will ruin their chances at a greater opportunity.   Even when you get the roles you cherish at the A, B, C and D Houses, the dilemma will stay with you, … Continue reading

  • Auditions Plus, Perfectionism and Performance Anxiety: A Singer’s Tale
    (February 25, 2015 at 7:26 pm)

    By Angela Peterson Winter   Perfectionism is often lauded or admired in the high-achieving, high-functioning society in which we live, but the truth is, its effects can be devastating, especially for artists who tend to have fairly sensitive souls. Perfectionism is not only an underlying factor in performance anxiety, but is also linked to general anxiety, depression, even suicide rates.   Do you struggle with perfectionism? Think about it . . . Have you ever been in the middle of … Continue reading

  • Auditions Plus, Always Be Prepared
    (February 10, 2015 at 3:53 pm)

    By Carol Kirkpatrick, author of ARIA READY, The Business of Singing   Often when you get hired by an opera company, or for any professional venue, you are asked to become part of their PR campaign for this upcoming production, or event, which might include anything from speaking at a guild club or schmoozing at a Patron’s party you are involved in. It can also mean doing interviews for radio, TV or blogs. Knowing how to prepare for such an … Continue reading

  • Auditions Plus, Success: Where is it and What is it?
    (February 6, 2015 at 1:52 pm)

    How do you define success?   Is your career only going to be a success if you make it onto the stages of A-level opera houses or top tier theatres? Do your aggregate career earnings drive your motivation and define your worth?   Perhaps the answer is yes. And by no means do I want to dampen your expectations or lower your goals. I believe in striving for greatness and hope you can achieve your goals and fulfill your dreams. … Continue reading

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