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Recent Auditions
Indianapolis Opera
  Audition Type: Young Artist Program
  Role Type: Secondary
  Level: Emerging Professional

Act3 Productions
  Audition Type: Musical Theatre
  Role Type: Lead
  Level: Emerging Professional

Boston University
  Audition Type: Young Artist Program
  Role Type: Lead
  Level: Student - University

  • Auditions Plus, VOCAL FOLD PROBLEMS: Don’t Automatically Blame Technique
    (August 19, 2015 at 12:50 pm)

    Written by Matthew Edwards   Meghan Trainor is the most recent of several high profile performers who has had to cancel performances due to a vocal fold hemorrhage. Some voice teachers on social media were quick to blame her technique and suggest she needed “classical training” to prevent such a disaster in the future. More than likely, that is just NOT true. Most vocal fold injuries at the professional level are a result of insane performance demands, not poor technique. … Continue reading

  • admin, Yet One Academic Writing Company Is on Close Inspection. Non-achiever or Top Service?
    (August 17, 2015 at 7:10 am) is an seasoned writing service that has gained – wide number of people. Youngsters worldwide leave their classroom dilemmas to the website. What is that that enchants them most of all? You may learn more about benefits lended in this writing agency. As the- trained academic writing company, it lends a vast mix of academic tasks. Of course, these cover essay writing, as well all sorts of writing tasks any individual may need. Additionally, a online writing agency delivers … Continue reading

  • Auditions Plus, 7 Keys to a Great Headline
    (August 7, 2015 at 4:52 pm)

    Ready to create the flier for your next recital? Or an ad for your next concert? You may be lucky enough to have your own PR firm or agent, but chances are at some point you will need to help create some sort of promotional material designed to get people’s attention and get them to act–whether that be coming to your concert, buying your CD, or attending a related event.   With that in mind we asked Mark Stoddard to … Continue reading

  • Auditions Plus, Departing the Validation Station
    (August 4, 2015 at 12:29 pm)

    By Jonathan Blalock of Encompass Arts   Sometimes singing is just like flying. When I’m in the zone during a performance, I feel like I’m soaring emotionally and vocally. But just like the fabled Icarus, we all can sometimes fall.   The truth is that sometimes mistakes happen. It could be a missed lyric, a botched bit of staging or even (gasp) a cracked high note. It happens to EVERYONE from students to the world’s biggest superstars. Of course I … Continue reading

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