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Entrepreneurial about What?

Whether we like it or not, we are all entrepreneurs. Getting a college degree in voice hopefully qualifies us to sing nicely, but no one is waiting to hire us just because we’ve finished our studies. By comparison, other professions enjoy a certain linear quality from their training to their careers. Education degree plus certification equals schoolteacher. Law school plus bar exam equals lawyer. Can you think of a similar tried-and-true road to success that works for all singers?   … Continue reading

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Crossing Over to Musical Theatre and Pop

What’s your goal? Do you want to be a great singer? Or a great teacher? Do you want to be great? For the past month the Auditions Plus Workshop has been giving singers and teachers the tools and skills to gain a competitive advantage in the pursuit of greatness. Specific online tools and business & marketing skills have helped hundreds of singers find more jobs, find more performance opportunities, and get paid more money for their unique and worthy skill … Continue reading

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Singing: Making it a Career

If singers want a career in singing, here are a couple of realities and one fun way to reach their goals that I helped two singers with this week.   Career Reality #1: 600 U.S. universities and conservatories pump out at least 8,000 vocal performance graduates every year. Less than 2,000 singing jobs are available each year in A through D Opera Houses. Your chances of getting a role are abysmally low.   Career Reality #2: To get roles you’ve … Continue reading

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Young Artists Series – CS Convention

This past weekend in Chicago was the two-day Young Artist Series at the Classical Singer Convention. On the first day presenters William Florescu, Robert Swenson, and Mark Stoddard inspired singers with a full day of information-packed classes on everything from the value of grad school to how to get into grad school to negotiating your first contract to getting into Young Artist Programs and more.   Participant Sarah Conwell commented,   The Classical Singer Convention Young Artist Series was an … Continue reading

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Benefit Concerts

Nothing begets success like success. Successful people are constantly doing something.   For a singer to get a job, consider the person or producer who is trying to hire a singer. A producer will hear lots of voices, and many will be right for the part. Given the choice, however, between an A singer who is new and an A- or even B+ singer who is just finishing a singing job, the producer will likely lean to the singer who … Continue reading

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