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Fundraising 101

Learn how to get the green that will make your dream project a reality. This article, written by Amanda Keil, was featured in the May 2012 issue of Classical Singer magazine. You can read the read the entire May issue of the magazine at www.classicalsinger.com.   So, you’ve planned a cool program, you’ve lined up some great performers, booked a hip venue—but you don’t have two pennies to rub together? No problem! Just pick a snazzy online fundraising platform, set … Continue reading

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Benefit Concerts

Nothing begets success like success. Successful people are constantly doing something.   For a singer to get a job, consider the person or producer who is trying to hire a singer. A producer will hear lots of voices, and many will be right for the part. Given the choice, however, between an A singer who is new and an A- or even B+ singer who is just finishing a singing job, the producer will likely lean to the singer who … Continue reading

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