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Autonomous Agent

I’d like to challenge you to think in a way that may require a subtle, yet pivotal shift from your current perspective. Think of yourself as a unique, autonomous agent who has the ability to clearly define your ideal work situation, and the confidence to make it happen.   Why? Because you must believe that you have the power to choose your work experiences before you’ll be able to take control of your work life. If you don’t believe that … Continue reading

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Getting Paid for Your Work

A reader wanted clarification about how to get paid for your work in organizing a concert and wanted to know if “salaries” are expenses.   First, if you have to pay the technician to set the lights and the fellow on spot, you pay them a salary. So, yes, salaries are expenses. The real question then is, “are you a legitimate salary?” And the answer is the same – yes – provided you’re providing a service that someone who warrants … Continue reading

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Benefit Concerts

Nothing begets success like success. Successful people are constantly doing something.   For a singer to get a job, consider the person or producer who is trying to hire a singer. A producer will hear lots of voices, and many will be right for the part. Given the choice, however, between an A singer who is new and an A- or even B+ singer who is just finishing a singing job, the producer will likely lean to the singer who … Continue reading

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Don’t Worry About the Rain

  Have you ever heard of the term “rainmaker?”  It’s used a lot in business for someone who is a producer – someone who makes things happen – gets the job done. The term came from Native Americans who had medicine men who would seek to cause rain on the crops by performing various rituals. I thought about this term recently as I launched a new service for my business. In order for the service to be sold to the marketplace it has … Continue reading

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Networking – Why Reinvent the Wheel?

I have learned though many years of experience, trial and error and failure, that the most important part of doing business, no matter what career you are pursuing, is being great at networking. That means creating and maintaining relationships, then following up, right? That is the sum of what it really is.   Many emerging artists freak out because they don’t know how to network. Networking is, simply put, sharing information, ideas and resources. No big deal!  So whenever you … Continue reading

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