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Relationships, Relationships, Relationships!

“A mediocre person tells. A good person explains. A superior person demonstrates. A great person inspires others to see for themselves.” Harvey Mackay   Start off this new school or performance season by making it a point to cultivate and maintain some new relationships that will help carry you through your entire University experience or onto a career path that keeps growing as you mature.   Often making that connection with others can become a stumbling block, which gets in … Continue reading

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Concentric Circles: Start with Who You Know

So, you want to get someone to pay you to sing. Who? Here’s a tip that I’ve used in raising money for businesses, in getting people to come to concerts, in selling thousands of tours to the USSR and Russia and China – scary places for many people.   Here’s the principle: drop a pebble in a quiet pond. What do you see? Expanding circles that go on forever. Notice that the circles are thicker and higher… Inside. As the … Continue reading

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Highlights from NATS

Cinderella’s Castle. Hogwarts. Dolphins and whales. Orlando offers a wide variety of activities, but that wasn’t the focus for hundreds of teachers of singing earlier this month. Teachers from across the United States and the world convened at the Renaissance Hotel in Orlando at the bi-annual National Association of Teachers of Singing (NATS) Convention June 28 – July 2.   NATS provided a great venue and forum to not only learn the latest in voice teaching techniques and idea and … Continue reading

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Relationship Tactics

There is something unique about the relaxation and bonding that occurs when people eat and socialize together outside of the office. Trust develops when you and a potential employer are casually interacting. These conversations can develop a depth in the relationship that phone and office visits alone usually do not.   A few years ago, I made a last-minute trip to Montreal, Canada to visit a potential customer where he had traveled to attend a trade show. Over a two-day … Continue reading

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Networking & Marketing

Networking and marketing. Two of the scariest words ever spoken to a singer! We are back to what I spoke about in my first blog, because I have gotten soooo many further questions and comments via email and on Facebook about what seems like such a confusing and scary subject to most of you. So…I am going to give you another dose of it and perhaps you will understand better and get some insight into how really simple this process … Continue reading

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The Social Media Craze

Social media has become the latest craze . . . but this time the craze is justified. Anyone in the singing business or in any business that relies upon many customers had better get with the social media program. I have one business that is only selling to huge corporations and its total potential client base is less than 25, so, the social media has little bearing on this business. But, we still use it. We have blogs, websites and … Continue reading

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How to Get an Endorsement

  Testimonials or endorsements are essential to the success of any product including vocal careers. To get an endorsement:   1. For your next gig ask the producer or director if they will provide you a letter of recommendation. Title is more important than their competency.   2. Go to past producers of your performances and ask them for a letter of recommendation.   How to ask with little chance of getting turned down.   As you discuss details of … Continue reading

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Networking – Why Reinvent the Wheel?

I have learned though many years of experience, trial and error and failure, that the most important part of doing business, no matter what career you are pursuing, is being great at networking. That means creating and maintaining relationships, then following up, right? That is the sum of what it really is.   Many emerging artists freak out because they don’t know how to network. Networking is, simply put, sharing information, ideas and resources. No big deal!  So whenever you … Continue reading

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